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Artificial Intelligence as a Service

artificial intelligence as a service is an AIaaS platform which provides machine learning and deep learning based AI web services for your software infrastructure. You can easily subscribe, obtain an API Key and start using AI functionality as a service in your application.

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Call Center Customer Complaint Classification

VeriUs has a set of web services that provide real-time customer complaint classification and analysis. It is a fast and effective way to get meaning from customer feedback and remove the repetitive and costly work. VeriUs API brings power of machine learning and natural language processing to to call centers.

Entegrated Invoice Entity Extraction

Many invoices have to be processed each day and the important information is extracted manually. This process is sluggish and contains a lot of repetitive work. VeriUs API automates the process of extracting custom entities such as recipient name and title; transaction amount and date; organization and location names from documents to save time and gain more information from the invoices.

Automated Comment Moderation

An online community has many benefits. It provides an opportunity to be engaged in direct dialogue and interaction with your current and potential customers and users that want to associate with your brand, but there are risks to this kind of exposure. VeriUs API is here to mitigate these risks and to limit any kind of liability that could potentially harm your brand and business.

Data Annotation Tool

Create your own project, upload your data and start annotation. Build your own dataset in hours. Create your team and give them guideline to speed up the process. Use machine learning to your advantage. Let AI annotate your text and correct a few errors.

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Our aim is to provide AI driven Natural Language Processing tools to marketers, developers and data scientists and help them create highly scalable text analysis applications.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze social media data and learn if the masses talk about your company/product positively or negatively then act accordingly.

Entity Extraction

Extract relevant information from the documents to understand who they belong to. Get Location, Person, Organization names from data.

Topic Detection

Assign texts ro their relevant topic or topics. Analyze them faster and more effectively. Take action if a topic gets too populated.

Abusive/Sexual Content Detection

Protect children from abusive and sexual language in your forums, portals or applications. Automate forum moderation and fight online abuse/spam.

Intent Detection

Understand if a sentence is a real question or just a sarcastic remark. Classify it based on its content, whether it is a feedback, complaint or a query.

Text Normalization

Normalize any text data to understand, analyze or process them more effectively. Use social media data without concern. Get better results from your algorithms.

About is a AI product of VeriUs Technology.

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